Suzuki Swift Vs Mazda Demio comparison

Suzuki Swift Vs Mazda Demio comparison in Kenya

Suzuki Swift and Mazda Demio are among the common cars used for the online taxi business, there are also loved by young families, young drivers, first-time car owners and those with a low budget. If you are undecided about these two cars, you are in the right place, below, we will have a full comparison of the Suzuki Swift and Maza Demio.

Suzuki Swift Vs Mazda Demio comparison

The Mazda Demio was introduced in the year 1996 making it one of the oldest compact hatchback cars, for the Suzuki Swift was introduced later in the year 2004. Both are compact hatchbacks, over the years they have undergone improvements in terms of features and design.

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Mazda Demio Vs Suzuki Swift comparison

Let’s have a direct comparison of the Demio and Swift interior, exterior and engine specs below in order to have a clear image of how the two compare.

Suzuki Swift vs Mazda Demio exterior

Here are the features of the Mazda Demio and Suzuki Swift from the outside:

  • Both the Demio and the Swift have a hatchback body design
  • The doors are 5 on both cars, two front, two rear and the tailgate
  • The ground clearance of the Swift is 6.4 inches, for the Demio, it is 5.7 inches. While the Demio will have problems cruising large bumps which are common in Kenya, this won’t be an issue for the Swift unless it is heavily loaded
  • Most models of the Swift have foglights and alloy rims, on the Demio, alloy rims are only on higher trims, base trims have steel rims and no foglights
  • The Sport trim of the Swift has a double exhaust, this is not available on the Demio
  • Both cars have a wide range of colors

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Suzuki Swift VS Mazda Demio interior

Below is a look at the interior of both cars:

  • They are both 5 seaters, two front and three at the back
  • The interior is basic with cloth seats and a plastic dashboard
  • The legroom of the Swift is tight on the second row, for the Demio, it is okay on both rows unless the passengers are very tall
  • Similarly, the headroom on the second row of the Swift is tight while that of the Demio is okay on both rows
  • Both cars have medium boot space which is almost equal, you can get more space by folding the back seats
  • Both cars come with storage spaces such as cupholders, door bins and a glovebox
  • Modern models of the cars come with driver assist specs
Mazda Demio interior
Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio vs Suzuki Swift engine

Below is a look at how the engine features of the Demio and Swift compare:

  • The engine capacity of the Swift is 1.2Liter, 1.4Liter or 1.6Liter, that of the Demio is 1300cc or 1500cc
  • The consumption of the Swift ranges between 15km/l to 20km/l while that of the Demio is between 20km/l to 30km/l. This will depend on various factors including the engine capacity and the transmission of the car
  • For transmission, most models of the Demio have an automatic gearbox while on the Swift you will find a manual or automatic
  • Mazda Demio comes with 2WD and 4WD options while the Suzuki Swift is 2WD
  • Both cars have turbocharged engine options
  • The tank capacity of Swift is 37 liters while that of the Demio is 41 Liters
Suzkui swift in kenya
Suzuki Swift

Mazda Demio Vs Suzuki Swift price in Kenya

The price of Mazda Demio is now above Ksh 1 million, for the Suzuki Swift, you will need at least Ksh 850,000 to buy one from dealers. When it comes to maintenance, both cars are reliable, spare parts are available making the maintenance cost low.

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As you can see from above, there are some similarities and differences between the two cars, the Suzuki Swift comes at a lower cost than the Mazda Demio. Swift also has a Sport trim which is more focused on performance and driving experience. The Demio perhaps wins when it comes to the interior space.

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