While we do our best to make sure we only approve cars from genuine sellers, we will not be responsible for any fraud on items added to our platform. It is hence your responsibility to make sure you are dealing with a genuine seller and take all precautions.

If you note anything suspicious about a seller or have a bad experience with any seller, just click on Report abuse on the detailed description of any product from the seller and we will ban them from our platform.

Tips to use when buying a car

To avoid losing your cash or buying a vehicle in bad conditions, here are recommended things you should do.

  • Don’t ignore any red flags
  • Do detailed research to pick the car that will fit your intended use, budget and taste
  • Browse through our platform and pick a seller offering the car you are looking for
  • An overpriced car or underpriced car might not be the ideal pick. You don’t have to pay more than you should, on the other hand, untrustworthy sellers will use very low prices to attract buyers
  • After identifying the seller, talk with them through WhatsApp, a phone call or the Chat feature on our platform
  • Do not send any money before meeting the seller physically and ascertain that they are legit
  • When meeting the seller, do this in a public space that is secure or in their offices for dealers
  • Make sure you do the vehicle inspection, if possible, use a trustworthy mechanic
  • One must also verify the documentation, the engine number and chassis number should be what is in the documents(logbook)
  • For a secondhand car, make sure to do a vehicle search on the NTSA portal to verify that the seller is the current owner
  • After making payment for a locally used car, you together with the seller must do a vehicle ownership transfer on the NTSA portal
  • For a foreign used and brand new car, the seller should assist you with the process of getting the logbook and numberplate
  • Makes sure to have a written agreement indicating the terms of purchase of the car, for example, is it on higher purchase or cash? The agreement should be signed by you, the seller and the witnesses
  • Never pay cash, instead, use the bank. This assists in follow-up and evidence that you made the payment in case of a disagreement with the seller

The above steps will help you remain safe when making the purchase, remember to always do your due diligence.