Mercedes G Wagon Price in Kenya
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Mercedes G Wagon price in Kenya and a full review

The Mercedes G Wagon is just a car in its own class, it offers everything you would want in a car yet has that old skool design. The car is a highly capable extreme offroader, offers luxury and at the same time, displays class. The price of the Mercedes G Wagon on the other hand is way over, not to mention how much it consumes. To grasp what it will be like to own one of this glorified machine, continue reading below.

Introduction to the Mercedes G Wagon

The vehicle is manufactured by Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) and sold by Mercedes Benz, it was initially made for military use but then was modified for the Luxurious SUV it is known to be today. While the production plus testing started in 1972 the civilian version has been around since 1979. The vehicle is designed to drive on the most extreme terrains while still having great handling. The perfect alternative for this class would be the Brabus which is a tuned version of G Class.

If you are looking for the luxury offered in the G Wagon but at a lower price, you can go for the Mercedes S class.

Mercedes G wagon price in Kenya

Mercedes G Wagon price in Kenya

You can not import a car that is older than 8 years to Kenya. You can also buy this car from dealers in major towns in Kenya including Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and Nairobi. Below are the prices of models of this car that have been used abroad.

Model year

Price range


From Ksh 13,000,000


From Ksh 14,500,000


From Ksh 15,200,000


From Ksh 17,800,000


From Ksh 24,000,000


From Ksh 27,000,000


From 28,500,000


From Ksh 30,000,000

Mercedes G Wagon Specifications

The vehicle comes packed with features, from the exterior, interior and the engine, in the sections below, we will see features in each of the categories. It is important to note that there are different trim levels in the G Wagon, the top of the list trim is the AMG G63 which we will look at below, the other trims vary slightly in terms of available features.

1. Mercedes G Wagon Exterior

From a glance, the first thing you will notice is the boxy shape of the G Wagon, the vehicle has a lugged aggressive design and still maintains the old school appearance from its first generation.

mercedes G wagon variants

Here are the exterior specs of the Mercedes G Wagon:

  • This is 5 doors SUV(two front, two rear and the tailgate)
  • G wagon has an impressive ground clearance of up to 9.5 inches depending on the model
  • The doors handles are old fashioned and huge
  • You will also not fail to notice the big exposed door hinges
  • Keyless entry is an additional feature
  • The Vehicle has 20 inches allow wheels
  • LED Headlights are a standard
  • The indicators are huge and placed on the top of the hood
  • At the back you get a big spare wheel
  • The suspensions are adjustable
  • You get sidesteps that are helpful when boarding the vehicle
  • The tailgate opens sideways
  • The vehicle also comes with a sunroof
  • The car has a twin side-mounted exhaust system
  • The doors are heavy and will need slamming when closing
  • Lastly, there are different colors to choose from, the common ones being white, silver and black

2. Mercedes G Wagon Interior

While the exterior looks boxy and old-fashioned, the interior is completely modern, built with high-quality material and luxurious, plus, it is packed with all the tech features you get on premium cars.

Mercedes G wagon price in Kenya shillings

Below is what you get on the inside:

  • The car comes with 5 seats(two front and three on the second row)
  • The legroom and headroom space available on this vehicle is great
  • You get a napa leather interior with wood and metal trim finish, however, there are still some parts with plastic
  • In the cabin, you will find different storage spaces, this includes the cupholders, center box, large door bins, glove box and the seat jacket pockets
  • The middle seat has an armrest that includes two cupholders
  • The boot space is big and you will good size luggage in there, folding the back seats will give you a trunk
  • There are also USB and Sockets for charging your devices
  • The infotainment system can be controlled through the swivel and touchpad or the buttons on the steering
  • You can also use the voice recognition feature to give voice commands to the vehicle
  • You will get the Apple car play and the Android Auto
  • You also get a digital driver’s display
  • An analog clock(IWC clock) on the dashboard adds to that premium feel
  • There are child seat anchors on the backseats
  • If you want to set the mood in the vehicle, use the ambient lighting feature
  • A 360 degrees camera will help you view the exterior of the vehicle all around
  • Parking sensors are fitted
  • Climate control is another feature
  • The steering wheel is electrically adjustable
  • Additionally, the car has metal paddle shifters
  • Keyless entry is standard
  • For safety, the car has an automatic emergency braking system, lane departure assist and pedestrian warning system

3. Mercedes G Wagon Engine specs

The G Wagon definitely needs powerful engines to run it since it has 2.5 tons of weight. There are hence different big engine options under the hood of the vehicle.

Cost of brand new G wagon in Kenya

Here is a list of engine specs for the Mercedes G Wagon:

  • The engine capacities available include a 4.0 Liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine and a 3.0 Liter diesel engine
  • The power given by the engine ranges from around 4.0 Liter ha a power output of 585hp while the 3.0 Liter has a power of 330hp
  • The transmission system on the recent G wagon models is the 9 G Tronic 9 Speed-automatic gearbox
  • The Vehicle comes as an All-Wheel Drive with 3 full locking differentials that enhance its offroad capabilities
  • Fuel consumption will vary largely depending on the engine you go for. The consumption ranges around 8km/l. This also depends on your driving style
  • Lastly, the Mercedes G Class has a tank capacity of up to 100 Liters

The new model G wagon handles well and is very responsive. The car has great performance and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds. While driving the car, you will not just enjoy the comfort but also respect from other road users. While the cover drives well on road, taking it offroad is not a match of a problem. It feels like this is what the car was built for.

The G wagon is a luxurious full-size SUV with an aggressive exterior and luxurious interior. The car is perfect for an adventurous person who loves going extreme offloading yet wants luxury and on top of that, an SUV that will handle well plenty well on the road. The maintenance cost and buying cost of the vehicle is however high and it needs a wealthy owner.

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