Toyota Allion problems in Kenya

Toyota Allion is a very popular Sedan in Kenya, it is a sister of the Toyota Premio with a slight difference in exterior design. While the car is reliable, there are still some issues that have been reported by drivers. Below, we will look at common Toyota Allion problems in Kenya.

Toyota Allion

It is good to note that most of the issues or also the common problems with Toyota Premio since there are basically the same.

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Here is a list of issues that have been reported by Toyota Allion owners:

  • Transmission or gearbox problems- drivers have reported several problems with the Toyota Allion transmission system. This may include not shifting to certain gears, vibration when shifting gears or even taking longer to shift gears when at high speeds. There are various solutions that include change of transmission fluid(make sure you use the recommended), cleaning gear strainer and gearbox serving.
  • Air condition problem- this problem has also been reported on Axio and Premio. The AC might fail completely or only function at times. The main cause of this issue is in most cases a problem with the compressor and you might have to replace it.
  • Loss of power- your car might lose power suddenly, this might be due to worn-out parts of your engine such as spark plugs. However, in most cases, problems with your transmission mean power is not been transmitted as expected, which leads to loss of power.
  • Body shape loss- Allion loses its body shape very quickly, this is because the body is made of light material. If the car is hit slightly, it gets noticeable damage. This problem is also available in other Toyota cars such as the Toyota Wish. On the other hand, Toyota Premio which is a sister to the Allion has a much better quality body.

Above are the major problems you will face in an Allion, there are however not that prevalent. In fact, most of the time you will only have to deal with serving and replacing/repairing if something breaks rather than frequent problems and breakdowns.

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