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Toyota Hiace is among the top vans on Kenyan roads especially when it comes to public transport. If you want to learn more about this vehicle, this is the right article for you. We are going to cover this vehicle, details we will look at include; full specs of the car, Toyota Hiace prices in Kenya, models available and a buying guide at the end for anyone who wants to buy this van.

The van was introduced in the market in 1967, over the years, it has gone various facelifts and upgrades to remain competitive. Hiace is a multipurpose commercial vehicle that can be used in various businesses. In Kenya, it is mainly used in public transport, other areas include, car hire business, cargo ferrying and tour services. If you are looking for a family van, you can check Toyota Alphard, Toyota Noah or Toyota Voxy. The Hiace mainly competes with the Nissan Caravan.

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Toyota Hiace price in Kenya

Below are the average market price of used abroad Toyota Hiace for sale in Kenya, this includes major towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika, etc.

Model year

Price range


Ksh 2,500,000


Ksh 2,900,000


Ksh 3,200,000


Ksh 3,600,000


Ksh 4,100,000


Ksh 4,500,000


Ksh 4,700,000


Ksh 5,000,000

Toyota Hiace Kenya

The above prices might vary depending on the seller, the condition of the vehicle and the market condition during the time of purchase. However, with 1.8M and above, you will get yourself a Hiace in good condition in Kenya.

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Toyota Hiace specifications

The car comes with unique features that have helped remain a favorite over the years in Kenya. Let’s look at the specs in this section.

1. Toyota Hiace exterior

Hiace has a boxy-like design but is still attractive.

Hiace exterior

Here are the features from the outside:

  • Hiace comes with either 5 doors or 4 doors(tailgate included)
  •  Depending on the model, the ground clearance is 7.1 inches and above which is good on Kenyan roads(even on speed bumps)
  • Higher grades come with alloy rims while standard ones have steel rims
  • Similarly, you should expect fog lights and chrome trim in higher grades

2. Toyota Hiace interior

The inside of the car is definitely spacious, it is also comfortable even for long distances.

Toyota Hiace interior

The following are the interior specs:

  • The car comes with front seats, at the back, you can configure the car with regard to your use. Depending on the model, the passenger capacity ranges between 10 to 20
  • The legroom for the front seats which are also adjustable is adequate and comfortable even for long-distance travel
  • The boot space will depend on how you configure the inside, if your intended use is cargo ferrying, then you will definitely have a large space at the back
  • On the front row of the cabin, you will find different storage spaces which include cup holders, door panel storage and dashboard storage compartments
  • The recent models of Hiace also come with a navigation system
  • For safety, the car has airbags
  • Additionally, some models come with a rear camera

3. Toyota Hiace engine spesc

Toyota Hiace models come with certain engine specs, let’s see them below so that you can pick ones that suit you best.


Here are the engine specs:

  • The engine capacity is either 2000cc, 2700cc or 3000cc
  • The 2000cc engine use petrol in almost all models while you can choose between a petrol or diesel engine for 2700cc and 3000cc capacity Hiace models
  • Some models have manual transmission while others have automatic transmission gear types
  • You can choose between an All-Wheel Drive(AWD/4WD) or a Front Wheel Drive(FF/2WD)
  • Depending on the above engine specs, the fuel consumption of Hiace models ranges between 8km/l to 14km/l
  • The 2000cc will take about 14.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100Km/h, the 2700cc takes 11.8 seconds while the 3000cc(diesel) will take about 13 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100Km/h
  • The engine power ranges between 133ps to 160ps depending on other engine specifications
  • Lastly, Toyota Hiace has a tank capacity of 70 Liters
recent model design

Factors affecting prices of cars in Kenya

When shopping for a car, you will note that the prices will vary, this is because the price of the vehicle will be affected by various factors, below is a look at the different things that will affect how much you pay for the vehicle.

  • Model year- most cars have a new model released each year, most of the time, a new model will come with new features, additionally, a new car is obviously in a better condition. As a result, newer models of the Auris come at a higher price compared to the older models.
  • Trim levels- There are different trim levels for every model year, the higher the trim level, the more features you get. This leads to price differences, if you have a low budget, you will get a base trim but for a high budget, you can go for the highest trim level.
  • Features differences- cars will be on the same trims levels but still have different features, for example, one might be a 2WD and the other a 4WD. In Kenya, most people prefer 2WD for sedans and hatchbacks, this means the prices of 2WD cars will be higher because of higher demand. On the other hand, 4WD/AWD crossover SUVs and SUVs are loved, this means 2WD in this category have less demand hence lower prices.
  • Condition of the car- here, prices change depending on whether the car is brand new, foreign used or locally used. Additionally, a used car that is in a clean condition will not come at a similar price as a one that is not well-maintained.
  • Market conditions- different market conditions lead to changes in the prices of vehicles, for example, if the global supply chains are interrupted, the car prices are likely to go up.
  • The seller- each seller will quote their own prices depending on different things including how much they bought the vehicle and the amount of profit they want to make. It is hence common to get different price tags from different sellers.

Toyota Hiace is one of the top vans on Kenyan roads, the price of Toyota Hiace in Kenya is not that high considering that the vehicle is made for business. The vehicle is reliable and will give you an average fuel economy, however, most models of the Toyota Hiace has a basic interior.

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