Toyota Mark X problems in Kenya

Mark X is one of the favorite cars among young people. It has an attractive design and it’s a fun to drive car. While it is also a reliable vehicle, there are some problems that have been reported by previous owners of this car. Below will look at the common issues reported by owners of Toyota Mark X in Kenya.

Toyota Mark X

Here is a list of problems for the Toyota Mark X:

  • Transmission problem- some drivers have reported having issues with the gearbox of the Mark X, issues include delay when shifting gears and a knocking sound. The solution will depend on what the issue is, at times, one might be required to change the gearbox while a change/refill of the transmission fluid will solve this.
  • Faulty Airflow sensor- if you have a faulty air sensor your car might experience issues such as power loss, this is because the sensor will determine the air to fuel ratio. The best solution for this is the replacement of the airflow sensor.
  • Electrical issues- some Mark X owners have also reported electrical problems, this leads to issues like the vehicle failing to start, failure of power windows, etc.

Other issues with the Mark X include high fuel consumption, if you are looking for a fuel economy vehicle, Mark X is not it. The vehicle is not also on the list of vehicles with the best resale value, the main reason for this can be attributed to the fact that it is a guzzler.

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The issues listed above are however not that prevalent on all Mark X cars, only a few owners have reported the issues, in fact, most haven’t had any problem with the car. You should however be ready for the replacement of vehicle parts since they might break down or fail to work due to wear and tear.

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