Toyota Noah Vs Toyota Alphard full comparison in Kenya

Minivans are among the best pick for executive business and family cars. In Kenya, the Toyota Noah is very popular, but there is another Minivan that you will spot frequently, the Toyota Alphard, but how do these two vehicles compare? We will cover these vehicles below and also see what differences and similarities they have.

Toyota Noah has been in production since 2001. The vehicle remains a preference for many in the country, specifically due to its reliability, availability of spare parts and good fuel economy. A very close related car to the Noah is the Toyota Voxy that we covered their slight difference over here.

Toyota Alphard was introduced a year later after Noah, that is in 2002. Just like most Toyota cars, this is a reliable car and most spare are easily available. This is the vehicle to go for if you are looking for a luxury family van or an executive business car. The price of the Alphard is however way high compared to other minivans such as the Noah.

Toyota Noah Vs Toyota Alphard comparison

To have a clear picture of what the Noah and the Alphard have to offer and what is the difference between these two vehicles, let’s compare the interior, exterior and engines below.

Toyota Alphard Vs Toyota Noah Exterior

While both are minivans there are slight differences you will note from the outside, here is a list:

  • Both vehicles have a boxy shape with a protruding nose, however, the Alphard appears more aggressive than the Noah from the front due to its large grill
  • The ground clearance of the Noah is 6.4 inches while that of the Alphard is 6.1 inches, the recommended is 6.5 inches on our roads
  • On the Alphard and Noah, you get 5 doors(two front, two rare and the tailgate)
  • Both have double sliding doors on the rare
  • On the Toyota Noah, you get alloy wheels only on higher trims while Alphard has alloy wheels as a standard
  • Similarly, Foglights are only available on the higher trims of Noah while they are a standard on the Alphard
  • Higher trims of the Alphard come with a sunroof, this is not available on the Noah

Toyota Noah Vs Toyota Alphard interior

Just like we mentioned, the Alphard is a luxury car, this means that you will expect to find even more differences on the inside. Here is a look:

  • On both cars, there are three rows and you can choose between a 7 seater and an 8 seater
  • The legroom on all rows of the Alphard is great, for the Noah, the third-row space is not that comfortable and best suited for kids
  • While most Alphards have leather seats, most Noah cars come with cloth seats
  • The Alphard seats have leg supports something that Noah lacks
  • The boot space on both is small but can be increased by folding the rear seats
  • Other features in the Alphard that Noah doesn’t have include noise insulation and the roof-mounted screens at the rear

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Toyota Noah Vs Toyota Alphard engines

On the engine part, there are also major differences as follows:

  • Toyota Noah has only one engine option, the 2000cc for the Alphard, you can choose between the 2500cc, 2500cc hybrid and the 3500cc
  • For Noah, the fuel consumption is between 12.6Km/l to 14.2Km/l, on the other hand, the average fuel consumption of the Alphard is as follows 2500cc 12.0Km/l, 2500cc hybrid is 19.4Km/l and the 3500cc engine covers about 9.5Km/l
  • On both cars, you can choose between AWD and 2WD
  • Similarly, both cars come either with a CVT or an automatic transmission, CVT is found on recent models
  • Power from Toyota Alphard engines ranges between 150 and 300ps while that of the Noah is between 140 to 158ps
  • Noah has a tank capacity of 60 Liters while that of the Alphard is 65 liters
Toyota Alphard interior
Alphard interior

Toyota Noah Vs Toyota Alphard prices

The Alphard is more expensive than the Noah. For a foreign use Toyota Alphard, you will pay from Ksh 3.8 million for a Noah that is still used abroad one price start from Ksh 2 million. These prices will change depending on the model year. If the above prices are above your budget, you can consider going for a locally used one.

As you will note above, the Toyota Alphard is superior to the Toyota Noah, it is more comfortable has more power and comes with more features than the Noah. However, its prices are way above those of Noah.

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