Toyota Probox VS Nissan AD Van full comparison in Kenya

One of the best choices one can make is to invest their money in something that is going to bring profits in the long run. Buying a car can be a good investment depending on what you want to use the vehicle for. If you want a vehicle that can haul cargo, you will have a lot of choices but at the top will be the Toyota Probox and the Nissan AD Van. To make the right pick between the two, you will need the right information, that is why we will have a full comparison of the Toyota Probox and Nissan Ad Van in Kenya below.

Toyota Probox Vs Nissan AD Van in Kenya

Both of these cars are known for their great performance when it comes to hauling goods and cargo. While they are classified as Multi-purpose vehicles, they might not be the perfect pick for family use since they do not give much comfort.

Nissan AD Van Vs Toyota Probox comparison

Let us compare these two vehicles below, to have a clear understanding of their similarities and differences, we will look at their interior, exterior and engine specifications head to head.

Toyota Probox Vs Nissan AD Van exterior

The Probox has a boxy shape while the Ad Van is curvier. That being said, both cars’ exterior is basic and there is not much to talk about. It is also important to note that the exterior material quality of the Probox is better than that of the AD Van.

Here are how their exterior features compare:

  • They both have 5 doors including the tailgate
  • When it comes to ground clearance, the Probox wins, it has 6.1 inches while that of the Nissan Ad Van is 5.7 inches. The recommended ground clearance on Kenyan roads is 6.5 inches
  • Probox comes with steel rims, for the Ad Van, you will find high trims with alloy wheel but most have steel rims too
  • While most rim levels of the Ad Van have foglights, the Probox does not come with foglights
  • Probox has optional roof rails while the Ad Van does not have this provision
  • While both vehicles come in a wide range of colors, the most common is white or silver

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Toyota Probox VS Nissan AD Van interior

Just like the exterior, the interior of these two vehicles is basic and is not built for comfort. The Ad Van is however spacious. Below is a look at the similarities and differences on the inside:

  • Both come with 5 seats, two front and three at the back
  • While the second row of the Probox will feel tight for tall people, that of the Ad Van is great
  • Nissan Ad Van seats come with headrests a provision that is not available on the Probox
  • The boot space of the Ad Avan is slightly larger than that of the Probox. In both cars, you can fold the back seats to get more cargo space
  • Both vehicles have storage compartments such as cup holders and glove box
Nissan Ad Van interior
Ad Van interior

Nissan AD Van Vs Toyota Probox engine

For a business car, one of the most important parts is the engine, it should be reliable and also give a great fuel economy. While both cars are reliable, the Nissan CVT transmission system is prone to frequent problems when not well maintained, it is hence advisable to go for a conventional automatic transmission.

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Below is a look at the engine features of both cars:

  • The Probox has an engine capacity of 1500cc or 1300cc while the AD Van engine capacities ranging from  1295cc to 2184cc, the most common one in Kenya is the 1500cc
  • For Nissan AD Van, the fuel consumption ranges from 13km/l to 17km/l while that of the Probox is from 15km/l to 18km/l
  • The new model Probox has a CVT transmission but the old shape had a 4-speed automatic, similarly, some models of the AD Van have a 4-speed automatic transmission while others have a CVT
  • The tank capacity of the Toyota Probox is 50 Liters, and that of the Nissan AD Van is 45 liters

Toyota Probox Vs Nissan AD Van Price

While both cars can be termed as affordable, the price of the Nissan AD Van is usually slightly lower than that of the Probox. For example, it is possible to get a foreign used AD Van from dealers in Kenya with a budget of under 1 million, on the other hand, the current price of a foreign used Toyota Probox is currently above the 1 million mark.

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When it comes to maintenance, both vehicles have a low maintenance cost since spare parts are readily available in Kenya and they are affordable. For the fuel economy, the cars are good and they will not milk your pockets with ridiculous fuel consumption.

For someone who is worried about the resale value, you should go for the Toyota Probox since the resale value tends to be better than that of the Nissan AD Van.

In conclusion, the Nissan AD Van is more spacious and has some sense of comfort when compared to the Probox. Both vehicles are reliable unless you go for an AD Van with a CVT(Nissan CVT transmissions are not that reliable). However, when it comes to withstanding abuse, the Probox wins, the body of the Ad Van tends to lose its shape very quickly while the Probox one will last longer.

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