Toyota Sienta common problems in Kenya

Toyota Sienta is a very popular car in Kenya and has been used in the PSV as a taxi for years now. The vehicle has been resilient even when overloaded and driven on roads that are not so good condition. But are the issues with this car? We are going to look at common problems reported by Toyota Sienta owners in Kenya below.

Toyota Sienta

Here is a list of common problems with the Toyota Sienta:

  • Electric sliding doors failure- this has been reported by most owners of the Sienta, after some time, the doors fail to open due to failure of the electric motor controlling them or an electric wire problem. If after repair, the problem might return, this leads to most owners using preferring to open/close the doors manually after the failure.
  • Vibration at certain speeds- some users have reported this, the car will vibrate at a certain speed range, for example, some have reported the vibration between 40km/h to 60km/h while others have reported it between 80km/h and 100km/h. This problem can be solved by taking the vehicle to a mechanic for wheel balancing another solution would be to replace the transmission/gear mounting bushes.
  • Underpowered- Toyota Sienta comes with a 1500cc engine, this engine might feel underpowered especially if the car is carrying seven people and loaded with other stuff. The acceleration is also as fast as you would expect it to be.

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As you can see, Toyota Sienta is a reliable car and there are only a few problems reported and are not common on all the models expect for the electric doors failurer. However, you should also be ready for normal serving of the vehicle, something will breakdown and need replacement as with any other car.

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